25 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 Thriving Online A Global Learning Expedition ... to re-design how we learn,
work and live together in the future, brought to you by
Petrus, GEDC and McMaster University.

Thriving Online - A Global Learning Expedition FAQ


What is Thriving Online and how do I get involved?

Thriving Online is an interactive online Global Learning Expedition (skills development programme) for students and recent graduates to re-design how we learn, work and live in the future. The event will take place from Friday 25th to Monday 28th September 2020.

If you’d like to be involved sign up for an account, then complete the event application form.

What does Thriving Online involve?

Thriving Online is all about working in a multidisciplinary, international team to address the challenges we face right now as our world is disrupted by COVID-19. How can we go beyond mere survival, and truly thrive online in education, in working life and in our communities, all the while ensuring that our unique planet is thriving too?

A diverse and truly global cohort of up to 120 selected participants will be divided up into 4 tracks and work together in teams to design and develop their innovative ideas. At the thrilling global finale, the best solutions to enable ‘Thriving Online’ will be pitched to a VIP Jury and invited audience of Engineering Deans, NGOs and Industry Leaders from around the world for an exciting prize.

How will I receive further information after registering?

You will be informed on 11th September if your application has been successful. Following this, participants who get accepted and confirm their place by making the payment until 15th September will be given access to the event platform containing the materials and pre-read documents.

Please note that your event application form can be filled in until the deadline on 9th September. You can edit and update your application form up any time until the deadline and we will only take into consideration.

What are the important dates and deadlines?

19 August 2020 – Registrations open

9th September 2020 – Application deadline

11th September 2020 – Acceptance letter sent to selected participants

15th September 2020 – Payment deadline for selected participants

25th-28th September 2020 – Live online event

What is the language of the event?

The language of the event is English, therefore all communication shall be done in English before, during and after the event.


What is the prize? What can students win / achieve by taking part?

With inspirational talks, skills workshops, career insights, networking sessions and creative teamwork supported by world-class coaches, all Global Learning Expedition participants will gain essential workplace skills and discover a range of industries and career paths, to hit the ground running on your career-search.

The winning team, selected by the VIP Jury, will be awarded an exciting prize – more to be revealed soon!


Who can participate?

Thriving Online is open to all higher education students and recent graduates from around the world. You must be studying at Bachelors, Masters or PhD level or have graduated within the past two years. All disciplines are welcome and there is no age limit for participation.

To take part, start by creating an account, then completing the event application form.


Who owns the Intellectual Property of the ideas?

The intellectual property for the ideas generated during the event belongs to the participants and the universities they come from. We want students and universities to be able to share information about their ideas to stimulate more exchange during the programme.


Who are the organisers?

Thriving Online is brought to you by multi-award-winning design agency Petrus together with the team behind Canada’s McMaster University Faculty of Engineering and Office of Community Engagement ‘MacChangers Program’, and the prestigious Global Engineering Deans Council.

Which companies, NGOs and speakers will be taking part?

More information about the companies, NGOs and speakers will be revealed soon.

Who is on the ‘Jury’ and what is their role?

During a thrilling global finale, the best solutions to enable ‘Thriving Online’ will be pitched to a VIP Jury and invited audience of Engineering Deans, NGOs and Industry Leaders from around the world for an exciting prize. More information about the Jury members will be revealed soon.


How much does it cost? How can I apply for a sponsored place?

The cost per student is €250 / 295USD.

Participants can be self-funded, supported by their university or selected via a diverse global process for one of the sponsored places available. Please indicate your preference when completing the registration.

Thanks to our partnerships with leading education organisations, universities and companies we are able to propose a significantly lower programme fee than is usually the case for the Global Learning Expedition.


How many sponsored places are there?

We aim to have between 30 and up to 120 selected participants, depending on interest. The number of sponsored places will be communicated by 11th September. We also recommend contacting your university to ask if you might be eligible for funding.

I represent a university. How can we fund places for our students?

The Global Learning Expedition provides universities with a guide to develop experiential learning of this kind in the future for their students and recent graduates.

As a university you can fund 5 or 10 places for your students, at €250 or 295USD per place. To take advantage of this offer, please let the organisers know by contacting Laura Alistar at info@global-learning-expedition.com and providing information on the below.

  1. How many places would you like to fund? (5 / 10)
  2. Will you choose the students or would you like us to make the selection?

I represent a company. How can we provide sponsorship?

The Global Learning Expedition offers companies visibility to a broad group of talented students and recent graduates interested in improving themselves and gaining essential workplace skills.

For the programme to be as diverse and inclusive as possible we are looking for sponsors to support excellent students whose university cannot fund their place and who cannot pay for themselves.

Please consider funding places for exceptional students, at €250 or 295USD per place.

To take advantage of this offer, please let the organisers know by contacting Laura Alistar at info@global-learning-expedition.com.


Who do I contact?

Please contact us via info@global-learning-expedition.com if:


  • Your student association would like to become a partner of the Global Learning Expedition.
  • Your university would like to promote the Global Learning Expedition to your students.
  • You represent a company and would like to support students to participate in the Global Learning Expedition
  • You’re a student, university or company representative and you have any questions about the programme.


For tech support please contact info@global-learning-expedition.com.